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The kitchen space is located in the back left corner of the barn. There is a ramp to the side of the front door for convenient loading/unloading that goes directly to the left side of the barn with a double door. There is a sink, counter space, and a refrigerator/freezer combo. There is a small ice maker as well. This ice maker is included for use but it will not produce enough ice for a large event or icing down beverages. It holds approximately 30lbs of ice. (We call it the backup ice in case you run out.) There is a microwave but no other cooking/warming devices. This space is designed for caterers bringing in food already prepared that need some room for minimal prep and an out-of-sight place to keep food refills in hot boxes. If you are a caterer and have a specific question about your setup or what we allow please send an email to or call Joe at 931-622-2746. Dimensions and photos coming soon.

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